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why us

Fr8ology is the go-to name when it comes to all your transport services. Why?

  • With backing of industry professionals who have over 30 years of substantial experience in the freight and logistics industry, peace of mind is guaranteed since our brand assures transportation service across India can be synonymous with quality and reliability. 
  • Our vendors and associates are capable of handling 1000+ transactions on a daily basis. With a huge pool of clients across India, our reach is extensive and we assure we can cater to all your transport needs across the entire nation. 
  • Our easy-to-use app and Website have a unique freight calculator alongside an online bidding service that allows you to choose the service based on your requirement to achieve both quick pricing and booking confirmation, as well as guaranteed low prices. 
  • Marine Insurance

    We provide marine insurance, as and when required, to insure goods in-transit.  

  • Optimal Pricing 

    Through our online bidding feature and large vendor network, you are guaranteed to get the most affordable pricing for truck transportation services, whether it be a full load or bulk shipment.

  • Pan India Network

    200+ branches through vendor network across Pan India with a daily transaction of 1000+ vehicles per day.

  • Powered by the Latest Technology 

    Our online app and easy-to-use Website incorporate the latest technology to allow you to book a truck on-the-go.


    Both our app and website makes the truck transportation inquiry and booking system simplified; you no longer have to go through the hassle of calling up multiple vendors for quotations and verification of availability.

  • enterprise

     Fr8ology provides a dedicated portal for users to post all their transport needs. Large companies can coordinate and communicate with all vendors to get the best rates possible.

  • Verified Transporters with a Track Record 

    We carefully screen and verify all our transporters to check their track record so we can guarantee quality and smoothness of each transportation assignment. 

  • reliability

    With the latest technology, an easy-to-use online interface, competitive pricing and vast network of verified transporters across India, we guarantee reliability and peace of mind. Truck transportation is stress-free with Fr8ology! 

  • Keep Tabs on Expenses

    You can easily track your expense statements regarding the business you have done with Fr8ology, and analyze your logistics-related expenses on a weekly or monthly basis. Our data analytics is quick and simple.

how it works

Using Fr8ology is very simple with our easy-to-use interface. Our platform helps businesses get the best freight services for FTL shipments across India in the most efficient manner possible. Our vendors are carefully screened and have a reputation for offering excellent customer service. Not only are they highly reliable, but they also offer amazing rates. Why? Well, we provide them with bulk orders throughout the year, resulting in special tie-ups that allow us to offer highly reduced rates and lucrative discounts for all our customers.


  • Users post their transport requirements on our app and encourage their vendors to download the app, so that the communication is streamlined through our bidding system.
  • Vendors bid for the load and pricing. This simplifies the entire process so it is hassle-free and cost-effective.
  • Users can avoid contacting suppliers on a one-on-one basis daily to find out the best freight options, which is very time consuming.
  • Users can select the vendor with the best rate and lock-in the order over our app itself.
  • By adopting this tool, you save time and avoid the hassle of coordinating with many people.
  • In addition, all of your data made available for future bookings based on vendor performance.

Retail user

  • Normal retail users enter their transport requests on either our app or Website.
  • Our instant quote feature, available in select cities, allows you to get pricing information as easily as booking a flight.
  • For cities not covered through our instant-quote feature, we target a 60-minute quotation.

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