Over Dimensional Consignment (ODC):

Any material that is not suited to the above mentioned vehicles will generally fall under this unique category. There are various types of vehicles that are used to carry ODC’s, which range from semi low bed to low bed trailers and Hydraulic Axles.


Both roads and the railway is used for the shipment of materials in some instances. Generally, such means of transportation are used if the shipment is not time sensitive, as the freight offered is comparatively cheaper in comparison to shipment by road itself.
If you haven’t found the type of vehicle you are looking for mentioned here, then please contact our Customer Care at 8750887507 to receive a quote for the vehicle type you require. We have only listed the most popular vehicles here and would be more than happy to cater to your needs based on your specific requirements, as we have a vast network of transporters that operate vehicles of all sorts!


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